Abundant. . .

What does to live an abundant life mean? It means being happy and content with the life you have.

To live an abundant life means you should enjoy your life and never let anyone or anything ruin it, including stress. You must do the things you enjoy the most no matter how busy you are. Allow yourself to enjoy the sport you have always loved every now and then. Give time to your book reading habit at least before going to sleep. Or spend time with your loved ones when time and budget allow. Also, do not forget to appreciate the goodness you have. Savor each moment you spend with your family. Take time to admire the sunset upon going home. And reward yourself for every effort you tackle.

You do not need to have a lot of money to be happy in your life. Money can indeed buy big houses, lots of cars, jewelry, and many expensive things. However, it only gives you temporary happiness. After having all of it, you would always think that something else is missing in your life. Having an abundant life does not require material things. Instead, you must learn to be content with what you have. Living an abundant life is everybody’s dream, and it always depends on your attitude.

Being rich or successful is not a requirement to have an abundant life. In fact, a successful or abundant life depends on how you perceive your condition. If you are a grateful and optimistic person, then you have what it takes to be happy.

Peace and Love, Jim

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