Think. . .

Learn how to relax and don’t waste your energy on pointless fears and doubts. Just go along with time. Remember that at the right time, your doubts and questions will be answered. Think with kindness and compassion. Don’t just think with common sense, but also think with a pure will. Let your mind stand not only on logic but also on love.

Think about your passion, your ultimate ambition, and what you really want to achieve in life. However, don’t be hasty in trying to attain your big dream. The key to succeeding in your big dream is to start it as early as possible, and then try to achieve it slowly but surely. Just remember how trees grow. Don’t be a grass that grows immediately but dies quick.

Lastly (and paradoxically) Don’t think too much; start doing what you think you have to do now.
In other words, learn how to walk and live with your thoughts.

May the abundance of wisdom be with you!

Peace and Love, Jim

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