One of the hardest thing we humans face is learning to love and appreciate ourselves and our efforts.

Life can be really tough. I found that out the hard way shortly after I graduated high school, but something no one ever told me until much later was how important it is to develop self-love. Most of us develop the habit of beating ourselves up over mistakes, failures, and any sort of minor setback. This does nothing but hurt us over time, affecting our health, happiness, and success.

But this isn’t just important for you. Without some measure of self-love, it’s virtually impossible to love another human being. So, it’s about much more than just treating yourself better. It extends off to every one of your loved ones. Listen to your narrative: The stories we tell ourselves about ourselves shape our identity. Thus, self-appreciation depends on our narrative. If, when reliving something that happened, you decide to play the role of a victim, you become the victim. Reflect on your narrative. Are you telling the story as it happened or in an overly negative or positive way?

Self-Appreciation — being compassionate and loving ourselves — is not only the foundation of our lives; it’s the foundation of a better world. The stronger it is, the more we can build together. The world needs you. Don’t succumb to the internal pressure to be someone else — become the best version of yourself.

Peace and Love, Jim

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