When it comes down to it, what many of us are searching for is a sense of meaning. However, the way most of us go about it is to find a way to please ourselves. This is all wrong.

Sure, we’re trying to be happy so it makes sense we put focus on ourselves, but it turns out that connecting deeply with another person and making a difference in their life is what makes us happiest. And the great part is, this is incredibly easy to do.

Examples of ways you can make a difference in someone’s life include:

  • Volunteering at a local program
  • Helping a friend or family member accomplish a goal or overcome a challenge
  • Providing inspiration or education
  • And just downright being a good person throughout your daily life

Start doing whatever is within your ability today. Start showing more concern and love to the people around you. Start to make monthly donations to your favorite charity. Start putting more effort in your work to increase the value output. Every effort counts, no matter how small and insignificant it may seem. Just do something, and do something good.

Peace and Love, Jim

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