As it Seems. . .

Nothing is as it seems. Most of what we believe, know, think, and do is perceived through our filters of instinct and intellect. Therefore, we do not create, we merely react to recurring events, situations, and outcomes. Our existence is tainted long before we have an awareness or comprehension of its universal potentiality.

Our lives are riddled with suffering. We associate this with our conditions, leading us to apathy, despair, and remorse. We disempower ourselves with the mere threat of pain, building personal bubbles to defend our programmed beliefs, fears, and insecurities. This is our strategy to avoid the agony of experiencing our chronic negligence and resistance to evolve. We are multidimensional beings of energy, yet we have achieved a fraction of our potential. In the space of all possibility, we opt to exclusively personify ourselves in our mind and body. Though we perceive this as attainment, our encounters with instinct and intellect are superficial. We all have a choice to be proactive or reactive. Proactive people create, empower and transform their experience to enrich their lives and those of others. Reactive people often avoid, defer and procrastinate until their circumstances elicit rash decisions, leaving them disempowered and victimized.

We are in a new era of being. One encourages us to observe our vision, hone our focus, establish our balance, express our intention, embody our purpose and create our experience. Our lives are a labor of love, inspired by our originality, relativity, and truth. Our exodus from the simulation of social reality into the progression of universal beings is omnipresent. We are in the shift of experiencing the synergy of our creation. Everything familiar, known, thought, or understood stands to negate this evolution.

The equilibrium we empower, enhance and establish expresses our universality. It is our signature, the unique impression we inspire within ourselves and others. When we are in the flow or our experience, the resonance of our energy is the declaration and manifestation of our being.

Peace and Love, Jim

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