Surviving or Thriving. . .

We are multidimensional beings of energy, yet we have achieved a fraction of our potential. In the space of all possibility, we opt to exclusively personify ourselves in our mind and body. Though we perceive this as attainment, our encounters with instinct and intellect are superficial. We all have a choice to be proactive or reactive. Proactive people create, empower and transform their experience to enrich their lives and those of others. Reactive people often avoid, defer and procrastinate until their circumstances elicit rash decisions, leaving them disempowered and victimized.

We are the key to the evolution and freedom we deny ourselves every time we pass on our opportunity for consciousness. Destiny is created by vision, focus, intention, and purpose. Fate occurs when we refuse to choose, wagering our transformation for our defenses, fears, and self-righteousness. Establishing and expressing our personal power is the vital distinction between surviving and thriving.

Peace and Love, Jim

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