What if we didn’t get it all done? Would our world fall apart? Would others think less of us? How would we view ourselves?

Many of us would would be eternally grateful for a foolproof formula, one where we can carefully measure input output… and be guaranteed a definite result. However, this is a pipe dream. It is up to each of us to figure out our own path and our own balance—not what works for another—but rather what is in harmony with the life we have and the path we are upon. Balancing the Yin and the Yang, our being and the doing, is no easy feat. But it shouldn’t be a chore either. It requires patience, presence, and understanding the intent behind our actions.

Want to discover a more aligned way to go about your days? Start by ask yourself a few key questions.

What is behind your need to do? We often busy ourselves for all the wrong reasons. Keeping our mind occupied on trivial tasks and projects prevents us from acknowledging and/or dealing with situations or emotions we would prefer to ignore. The old saying of a busy hands keep us out of trouble comes into play here. Regardless of what pulls us into constant action, it’s important that we pause, regroup, and become curious as to the why behind our behavior. Are we striving to complete something that is necessary, has a deadline, or simply must be done? Or do we continue eluding a responsibility, an opportunity for growth, a piece of ourself that needs to be seen?

What have I done today that brings you joy? Do one thing each day that you love. Whether it be walking your dog, speaking to your best friend or baking a cake. Regardless of what else is on your to-do’ list, we encourage you to add your something’ to the list as a priority. 

Whats taking up most of my headspace? Whether it be difficulties in working from home, finding activities to keep your little ones occupied, or wondering where your next meal is coming from, having many things circulating in your mind may mean your aren’t fully available to take care of yourself. Social distancing doesn’t help in these situations. Ask for help when you need it. A call to a friend or family member can really help you to feel more supported and connected to others.

As you begin to play with what balance looks like, remember it may take some time to figure it all out. No doubt you will stumble, spend too much time doing or being something. Yet, instead of raising the bar and expecting yourself to get it right immediately, allow for patience and grace. And who knows, maybe through this process of trial and error, you will alleviate some of the stress you carry, allowing for more ease and happiness as you discover how to hold both the Yin and the Yang of life.

Just one more step in the process of elevating and finding our higher selves.

Peace and Love, Jim

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