Beauty. . .

Although youth is a powerful and beautiful thing we often do not have the capacity to understand that power and beauty.

For me it was many years before I began by noticing the sunsets, and had the time to stop and really wonder, at the beauty and the magnitude of it all. Then I moved onto the sunrises, and I quickly found out that if I wasted the early morning, I missed the loveliest part of the day. Then I began to notice how grateful I was to be able to witness the changing of the seasons. The first whisper of spring; the rustling of the leaves beneath my feet, in the fall; that first breathless covering of frost, and in the summer, all the flowers, and the buzzing of a bumblebee.

I found that where i once feared loneliness and boredom I now actually actually enjoy my moments of solitude. A time to reflect, gather my thoughts, and contemplate at leisure. I no longer miss every moment, shackled to the chains of worry, and what “might” be. I found that worrying about tomorrow, only caused me to overlook today.

I get to meet the day, every day. I get to say “good-night,” to the sunsets. I’ve studied a lot of sunsets, in the last few years, and I’ve never seen two that were alike. I get to know my self (or lack of one) as I never have before, and I’ve gotten to make MY mind up, about the mysteries of life; and I have grown certain, that all this was no accident.

I take great delight in their multicolored hues, and need go where special to feel the warmth of paradise. Everyday is another with friends, family and neighbors to relish in the moment and feed the heart. For I have come to understand what real health is, and when you have REAL health, then you truly have everything.

Have a beautiful day, there really is no other kind.

Peace and Love, Jim

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