Guidance is powerful, even necessary at times, but ultimately we learn the best and most valuable insights from our own life experiences. So then what better place to learn than our regular, normal, everyday lives? If we can learn to do this, the possibilities are endless.

You may seem to be leading exactly the same daily life, and yet in each moment you’re working on something, doing something. All day, every day, you’re focused on becoming better. This is the kind of self-improvement you can’t at first see, but you can feel. You know you’re not the same, but you can’t quite define it yet. Each day the definition becomes a little bit clearer. It’s a slow and steady process, the kind that makes a coal into a diamond.

Each and every day you make small changes, little improvements, until the snowball becomes an avalanche that wipes the mountain clean for new beginnings and seasons.

You can walk mindfully, or you can just walk. What determines how much you grow isn’t just what you go through, it’s also your level of awareness while going through said experience, and your willingness to be honest about it afterward when reflecting. The more honest and introspective you’re willing to be about your life experiences the more you’re going to grow.

I know people who have gone through a lot and haven’t changed all that much out of fear, stubbornness, or the ego keeping them curled up in their shell. Don’t let this be you. Open up to your own life’s experiences and life begins to open to the idea of you.

Peace and Love, Jim

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