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Compassion is the second of the four Brahma Vihàras and was more highly praised by the Buddha than any other virtue because it is the root of so many other virtues.

Compassion gives birth to all the other virtues just as cooling rain makes the crops grow. When a people are compassionate they have no desire to harm their neighbor, their body, speech and mind are purified, concern for their neighbour’s welfare increases and states like kindness, patience, happiness and good reputation grow. Being calm, the compassionate person does not arouse fear in the minds of others, they are trusted like a kinsman, they are not agitated by the passions, and quenched by the waters of compassion, the fire of hatred does not blaze in their heart.

Remembering this, strive to develop compassion towards others, as if they were yourself or your offspring. Thus one abides suffusing the whole world, up, down, across, everywhere and all around, with a mind filled with an abundant and exalted compassion that is freed from anger and ill-will – The Buddha.

Peace and Love, Jim

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