Nourish. . .

The Buddha’s humanness sometimes gets obscured behind a vale of legend and myth. This is surprising given that the Tipiñaka contains so much realistic information about him, more in fact than about any of the great religious teachers of the past. It gives us a detailed and plausible picture of his physical appearance, his way of teaching, the impact he had on others and his habits and routine. It even tells us something about the food he ate.

The Buddha tried many things as an ascetic and ate whatever could found but he quickly saw these ways and life to not be what was sought. 

The Buddha realized the connection between mind and body and came to understand the importance of food and water in living a fulfilled and mindful life. The Vinaya mentions that he often ate rice with occasional fruits such as rose-apple, mango, yellow myrobalan and embolic myrobalan. These last two fruits are tart-tasting but rich in vitamins A and C and iron. The Buddha’s last meal was a dish called såkaramaddava but unfortunately we do not know what this consisted of.

The Buddha once said that `the body comes into being because of food and is dependent on food. This was as true for enlightened people like himself as it is for everyone else. So nourish not only the mind but the body.

Peace and Love, Jim

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