Unity. . .

Our world is always in transition and currently we are a time of major transition.

We can see it all around us in the faces of loved ones, in the situations at the market and yes in our news. In times such as these we can not afford to be trapped and limited by our own narratives, by a list of miscellaneous list of egoist likes and dislikes, or by the forever running magic show that is a by product of the misguided mind.

In these times we need people who not only want peace and change, but people who ARE peace and change. It is clear that we as a human race share a destiny, but it is not clear that we share a “we.” The eagle on America’s great seal holds a banner reading E Pluribus Unum – “Out of Many One.” It seems that increasingly people are more sure of the “Pluribus” than the “unum.” Whereas we once thought that faith or spirituality transcended divisions and united people, it is becoming clear that as a race we are becoming separated by “partisan faith” and “partisan politics”

It should not take tragedies to remind of us of the strength in becoming one and pulling together. Instead of finding, acknowledging and holding dear our differences (egos) we should remember the ties and similarities that bond us together, that take us toward our shared destiny. We should each in our own small way quit tending to our “own little gardens” and get back to major task of cultivating our “collective farm,” to become more a part the “we the people.”

So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth.

Peace and Love, Jim

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