Dealing With Doubt. . .
We’ve all experienced self-doubt. We’ve felt uncertain about ourselves and our place in the world. Or we’ve questioned our capabilities and potential. At the root of self-doubt is fear—fear of failure or judgment. Sometimes we lose faith in ourselves. Self-doubt can come from many sources. For many of us, it begins in childhood. It can come from our parents, especially if we felt like we had to keep trying to prove ourselves and earn love through compliance or deeds—or if our parents criticized us excessively or were disapproving or distant. Self-doubt can also arise from frequent comparisons with siblings during childhood—or from overprotective parents, leaving us feeling like we’re not able to handle things ourselves. Given the enormous price we can pay for carrying self-doubt around with us, it’s well worth addressing it systematically and immediately. Realize that having doubts is universal and that most people have a negativity bias and are their own harshest critic. Come to understand this bias is natural and you do have the ability and power to shift this energy. Be an advocate for yourself more, and  in the process re-branding yourselves as a champion of our efforts and results. Engage in consistent self-care practices, especially including exercise, since movement improves our mood and brain function. Cultivate gratitude for what you have instead of focusing on doubts and fears. Let’s be clear: overcoming self-doubt isn’t about becoming arrogant and conceited. Of course, it’s good to be aware of our weaknesses. Otherwise, we won’t be able to work on and hopefully overcome them. Humility is a virtue—and an important one. Some degree of self-criticism can also serve as motivational fuel, inspiring us to work harder and improve. And some measure of self-doubt can be a virtue—helping us confront reality and earn wisdom the hard way. But if we focus too much on our weaknesses, we lose sight of what we can actually do.
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