Sometimes, we ignore a problem for so long that a molehill really does become a mountain. But nothing about this is imaginary, this is about pure and real procrastination.

I did this repeatedly when I was younger, I’d ignore some things for so long that they’d go from being a routine responsibility to a code one emergency. Suffice it to say, I learned this one the hard way.

I keep a (small) list on my phone now for tasks which hold some level of significance and make sure to place reminders on everything if I can’t get to them within a day or two. This way I can go about my day without having to remember when I have to take care of them. I either take care of them immediately or I put a reminder down that automatically lets me know that it’s time to handle business.

I’m by no means perfect, but small steps to shape my hours have banished the procrastination prone things than I once did.

Peace and Love, Jim

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