Happy weekend all!

Well you may find it unusual to be receiving The Daily Buddha on the weekend, but today is special and I wanted to announce it on the weekend when everyone has a chance to relax, read and share.

Share what Jim?

Well as many of you have become aware of I am expanding The Daily Buddha into new arenas because I simply believe that we are on this journey of life together. As such I also believe through sharing, encouraging and embracing life and its realities with each other we grow not only as people but as societies and a world.

With that said I am HAPPY to announce that I am seeking submissions of writing, art, poetry, photography, stories told adventures lived and obstacles overcome. The theme is presence, understanding, mindfulness, life. Although I am a devout Buddhist, I simply prefer to frame this by saying contributions do not have to be directly devout buddhism, but simply honor the basic lessons it teaches and the application to your life.

I want to keep this simple today so here is the email: contributors@thedailybuddha.com I encourage each of you to share, submit to or just ask questions before you submit. Although none of this is what we could call a “paying gig”  all credits will be given and honored for anything used or published.

As always each of you have made this possible and the community spirit is appreciated! If you have not done so please connect with me via Facebook, register and comment on my web site or just send me an email as many of you do.

Onward my friends!

Peace and Love, Jim

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