Todays post is wonderful contribution from Dr. Katherine Adams on a means to approach the moments that make up life.

Dr. Adams learned about Thin Slices of Joy from material written about a former Google engineer Chade-Meng Tan who was referred to as Jolly Good Fellow. He teaches the practice of “Thin Slices of Joy” based on neurological research and the way we form habits.

Dr Adams says “First is the “trigger” – the present moment, then the “routine” or noticing the impact of the trigger followed by the “reward” in this case joy.  I practice this daily and concentrate on the little triggers:  smell of coffee in the morning; a smile from a stranger; light bouncing off tree leaves; cool breeze on my cheek; laughter of my children etc. I pause into the routine and note the reward of felt joy. I have begun using this in my college classes as part of my teaching….when there is a moment of wonder in student behaviors I say outloud “Oh there is a thin slice of joy”  and I point out the trigger for me, my noticing what they said or did and then a quiet giggle of joy. These thin slices add up…..and up…..” 

And Dr Adams is absolutely right on point. Notice the little things in life that satisfy you: a cool drink on hot day, a snack you’ve been craving, or the feeling of doing something differently are challenging. The more you notice the small slices of joy, the more joy you will experience. Noticing those moments is an important part of the process. There are so many things to notice, to see, to appreciate for a million more reasons. We all simply need to make the decision in each small moment of life to flip that switch and recognize the many slices that make up our days. 

Peace and Love, Jim

Story Contributed By: Dr. Catherine Adams
Artwork “Mind over Mountain” Watercolor on Acid Free Cold Pressed Watercolor Paper By: Kelly Lunnie

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