When you say ” I love you”  right here in this present moment, close to me and I close to you – you also “we love ourselves.”

Neither your nor I must wait for anything to be turned, for tides to come in or anything returned to its rightful place for it has always been so. I owe you northing and you owe me nothing, for love is neither gift nor debt. Nothing is given nor taken when we simply share the love that has always been. Even if we could give this silly concept of “self” to each other why would we share something we each already own?

We have no debt to each other except to love.

We find each other through the simple act of entrusting ourselves, you, me, us, them, open and honest to each other upon the path shared known as life. We are the keepers of this pact, this simple meaning to entrust and enjoy what we all share together. You keep as much as is required to be centered and we all will honor the same value. This is the currency of love and understanding.

It is priceless yet not rare at all for each us, you, me and the those between share it, the gift of love, the power of understanding. This s the currency of being human and once we grasp its value and honor its universal exsistence we grasp something much larger than loose change upon the metaphoric floor. . .

We share a connection and currency that spans the dawns of time and never loses its value – Our Love.

Peace and Love, Jim


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