This week I would like to discuss means for approaching our minutes, hours and days as we receive them. A structure of sorts for framing life. Each day starts with awakening and rising to the day ahead so lets begin there – at the beginning. . . 🙂

Meditation In The Morning.

We may be groggy, or having trouble waking, we may be the opposite with a hurried urgent attitude. In either case morning meditation is a positive start to the day. it is good to begin your meditation session by cultivate the altruistic intention to benefit others by centering ourselves. Sit calmly, experience your breath going in and out, and be aware of the breath nourishing you. Just be in the present moment with the breath, and let all the discursive thoughts and worries subside.

Do you have children and are unsure how to make morning meditation work? One way is to get up earlier than your children. Another idea is to invite your children to meditate or chant with you. Explain to them that this is a time when we are quiet and focused.

It is very good for children to see their parents sit still and be calm. That gives them the idea that maybe they too can do the same. If you are always busy, running around, talking on the phone, stressed out, or collapsed in front of the TV, your children will associate with this. Is this what you want for your children? If you want your children to learn certain attitudes or behaviors, you have to cultivate them yourselves. Otherwise, how will your children learn? 

You do not have to meditate and could substitute any ritual or habit as a chance for presence and mindful attention. Setting a positive motivation the first thing in the morning is very beneficial. When we first wake up, our mind is very subtle and delicate. If we set a strong positive motivation at this time, there is a greater chance of it staying with us and influencing us throughout the day. By starting the day in this way, we get in touch with ourselves and become our own friend by treasuring and reinforcing our good qualities.

Peace and Love, Jim

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