Believe. . .
Having an optimistic attitude has nothing to do with glossing over or not acknowledging the real pain of a situation. There is no denial of suffering or traumatic experiences in Buddhism. Rather, when we talk about optimism, it’s not toxic positivity, which seeks to deny the harm that can exist in our lives and society. To regard everything in a positive light or with a spirit of goodwill, however, does not mean being foolishly gullible and allowing people to take advantage of our good nature. It means having the wisdom and perception to actually move things in a positive direction by seeing things in their best light, while all the time keeping our eyes firmly focused on reality. Faith and the teachings of Buddhism enable us to develop that kind of character. The starting point of our Buddhability is that the power to change our life exists within us. Nowhere else. While squarely facing reality, we remember the belief that within our own life exists limitless possibilities. With this belief and action, we can achieve seemingly impossible results.
Peace and Love, Jim
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