Most of the time we hardly notice how busy the mind is a categorizing, profiling, and judging. The moment we walk into a room of people the judging machine called our mind goes to work. This is the work of the ego sorting everything and everyone under the falsehood of keeping us safe.

About 95% of our judging has nothing to do with safety and is more about habit and the ego’s need to try to have power and control over others. On a global level we could even say all conflicts within, with others, between beliefs/factions and including wars are started within the judging mind. The ego-mind is the source of the biggest lie ever spread through humanity. This lie is that we are different because of our beliefs, our color, our politics, our national boundaries and whatever other artificial separation we have manufactured.

The real truth is we are one big human family on a planet we have named Earth. All differences are made up within our thoughts. These thoughts are not real – just inventions of the fear-based ego-mind. All judging, blaming, categorizing, pigeon-holing, name calling and arguments of superiority are the workings of our ego. All this teeth gnashing is a product of fabricated thoughts.

What is real is that we are all brothers and sisters on a small, oceanic and beautiful planet floating across an apparent endless universe. No matter how important our mind may want to think we are, in truth we are a small life force on speck of planet in a huge universe.

When the judging mind is slowed down and we make contact with each other, we find there is much more in common than we imagined.

  • We all want a better life.
  • We all want the best for those we care about.
  • We all want to be healthy and be happy.
  • We all want purpose and meaning.
  • We all want to love and be loved.

Now let’s take this further. Since everyone is part of our global family and since we all share many similar basic wants why not shift the whole planetary egoic story to create a better world where everyone everywhere matters? What if we dissolved all of our differences by simply recognizing that what separates us is false and what we now need to do is:

  • Accept each other as fully as we can.
  • Support and encourage each other.
  • Have love and compassion for everyone.
  • Care for those who need care.
  • Move towards ideas, economies and infrastructures that benefit everyone.

This may seem like a radical approach but it is more a reflection of the true state of humanity. We can come to the full realization of our connection to each other and live in accordance with that wisdom or, we can continue to live in an ego driven world where there really are no winners.

To me the choice is clear.

Peace and Love, Jim

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