Beyond the ordinary of daily life there is a vast reservoir of possibilities available to you. This potential sits quietly whispering with hope that you will do something special with your life.

Special, not in the standard way dictated by social norms, but in a way that screams look out, ready or not, here I come. With boldness you can be genuinely you and vibrantly alive in all that you do.

For too long you have been getting ready, haven’t you? I know I have. Reading, listening, watching, learning, always hoping the next knowing will leave the self-doubt behind. It never does, does it?

Well today is the day. Put your collection of notes aside. Fire the inner critic. Take no more classes.  You have all you need inside. Truth be known, there is everything you will ever need to know available to you right now.

There are no secrets here; just doing what you know will work for you. Let’s call this practice – Life Made Easy and let’s begin with what you need to stop doing:

1.  Stop doing what doesn’t work – Keep shifting gears and stirring things up. Do lots of exploring, questioning and listening inward for the wise soul-filled guidance there waiting. Life is a big experiment. Keep exploring until you get it right.

2.  Never ever linger again in the past – First take the stance of “no regrets.” The time you spend in reworking the past in your mind is stealing from your now. You cannot ever create a better life with your mind in the past (or the future either).

3.  Set your goal to totally and forever get out of your own way – You are the block, not circumstances, not others – it’s you. Take a thorough inventory of what thoughts, beliefs and grooved habits are holding you back, and then eliminate them. Start today.

4.  No more whining or complaining – Blaming only does one thing, it creates misery inside. You are the one and only creator of your life. If your life is not working go knock on your own door and demand changes.

5.  Never believe anything that’s in your noisy mind – All your thoughts must be questioned. Most of what you think is decades – old conditioning full of messed up ideas and uninformed decisions about life. Wipe the slate clean. Quiet the mind and be positive.

6.  Stop driving down the road of numbing and distracting yourself – If you use distractions like surfing the web or playing video games to fill your day, stop – do something that matters, that has heart, that calls you to be more not less. No using substance to numb out. Change from running away from things towards going after what you want.

7.  Stop right now seeking the approval of others – It’s a dead end game that never works. Be you, do you. No more worries about if you fit in or live up to somebody’s expectations. It really doesn’t matter. What matters most is you being you.

8.  Quit getting ready today – You’re done preparing for life. It’s time to go live it with all you got. Find what fills you with passion and aliveness and do that today and from now on. No excuses, you are much more than enough to do what you are here to do.

9.  If there is no joy stop doing it – Life goes by so fast, why waste it away not having fun, enjoying it? Yes there are things that aren’t fun but figure out how to put some joy into doing them. Your # 1 goal is to create joy.

10. No more giving up your freedom – You are a totally free human being that can always do what you want. Yes always! You are wise enough inside your heart to choose what is best for you. Being free may cost you a lousy job or relationships that aren’t working for you. No loss, just room to create what you want.

Each day set one positive goal that will move your life forward. In 100 days your life will be 100 times better.

Live today as if it is all that matters. It is. Now is the place you can create the life you want. In this moment and every moment you have – love, joy, peace, freedom, awareness and the guidance of your soul’s voice there waiting for you.

Throughout your day focus on appreciation of all you feel (yes even the difficult feelings), the beauty of the world around you, the wonders of life, those you love, and the intuitive guidance of the spirit within. Gratitude is a wonderful attitude.

Trust the process and believe in yourself and all will unfold before you.

Peace and Love, Jim

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