Life is Change.

I personally believe in, write about and encourage everyone to embrace change and the motivation to bring a change into our ever-more frenetic and ironically disconnected ways of living. it is literally “ironic” because we now live in a digitally connected world – hooked in to our laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Yet research suggests we are feeling ever more isolated and overwhelmed.

How is this?

Because social networks, real or digital have always encouraged that we be polite, listen attentively and provide feedback only when requested. Digital media takes that even further by turning us all into spectators and cheering squads with less real participation from everyone.

We can shift this though. Paths to achieve this authentic form of joining between and within are numerous, including simply taking the time to shut off our gadgets, time to meditate and do some form of mindful awareness practice like yoga, tai chi, qigong, or simply going for a walk or taking in the sights, sounds, and scents without an agenda.

When we think of digitally disconnecting and inviting presence into our lives, we are creating the conditions of integration within and between.  Even studies of wisdom can be seen as revealing how we integrate the many aspects of our inner intuition and our interpersonal dedication all within an unfolding life of meaning, compassion, connection, and equanimity which the Greeks called eudaimonia.

Presence is a state of being which invites us to link a wide range of differentiated aspects of our lives into a harmonious and ever-emerging whole.  Presence permits integration to unfold.  And integration is at the heart of well-being, even at the level of our cellular functions.

Integration made visible is kindness and compassion, wisdom and connection.  Presence is the state of mind that invites integration to unfold.  With this science in mind, our intention can be to cultivate presence in our life to create the conditions of integration within us, and among us.  There is no time like the present to invite presence into our collective lives!

Peace and Love, Jim

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