Three Balls. . .

Once a rich man went to see a wise man who was known to be a source of knowledge. He told him his dilemma. He was rich and had moral values but did not know how to be happy. The wise one asked him to juggle three balls, one made of ceramic, one of glass and one of rubber.

The man started going as instructed. Eventually, he lost coordination and the ceramic ball was about to fall. The man quickly dropped the rubber ball and caught the ceramic ball.

The wise man asked him why he did that. The man answered that the rubber ball wouldn’t break but had the ceramic ball fallen, it would have broken. The wise man told him that the balls represent priorities in life.

The ceramic ball represents family and friends, the glass ball represents the necessities in life such as a job, house and food and the rubber ball represents luxury. Till now, the man had been dropping the ceramic ball and that was the reason for his unhappiness.

The wise man told him that we can only juggle a limited number of balls. So, when the need comes, to be truly happy, we should drop our luxuries and focus on our dear ones and our basic necessities.

Peace and Love, Jim
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