For All. . .

A girl had a fight with her mother and deemed it best to leave the house. It was a cold night and she was hungry. She came across a noodle shop but didn’t have the money to buy a bowl.

The owner caught her eye. He seemed like a kind man with moral values. He invited her in but the girl told him she didn’t have any money. The man insisted and told her she didn’t have to pay. Sue accepted the invitation.

While eating, she narrated her story to the man. The man told her that she was grateful to him after just one bowl of noodles. While her mother had raised her, fed her numerous nourishing meals.

The man told her that with time, we tend to take the people in our lives and the things they do for us for granted. It is then when we start making unreasonable demands and having unrealistic expectations. This was against moral values.

The man was a great source of knowledge to Sue. She understood her mistake and went back home to apologize, only to find her mother at the gate with dinner in her hand, waiting for Sue.

Gratitude for all things large and small is important but our reasons and logic must always be shaped by our presence to ALL that has shaped our life, family and wisdom gained with each step we take forward for not only ourselves but all.

Peace and Love, Jim

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