When you connect with someone personally and help them in some way you make a deep human connection that resonates not only within you but in the other person as well.

You can do something out of your ordinary routine like find a local program to donate or volunteer at, help a friend take action on their dreams, or you can just be the best person you can be in your everyday life- if you see someone pushing their broken down car then don’t just drive by- help them push it, if you see someone on the street asking for money then give them the change in your pocket, or if you see an injustice then stand up and say something. Most people turn a blind eye to all of those things, and it makes the world a tough place because of it.

Often the most powerful effect you can have is in the simple things while going about your everyday life. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy, just set out to help anyone you come across that needs a little helping hand.

Peace and Love, Jim

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