Optimism is the tendency to see and judge things in their most positive or favorable outcome. Resilience is our ability to overcome difficult circumstances and grow in the face of adversity. These qualities will be key in our efforts to recover. When we are anxious, we tend to overestimate and exaggerate the impact of a negative event and underestimate our chances of recovery. Resiliency gives us a realistic balance.

The ability to handle adversity will be another critical component to our success moving forward. Maintaining an optimistic attitude is essential to supporting progress. Being optimistic will help you make your thoughts and emotions much more positive, which in turn gives your mind (and immune system) a boost.

The current experience of the coronavirus does not have to become a overwhelming experience that marks us for life. On the contrary, it can be an excellent opportunity to exercise our resilience – that is, to grow in the face of adversity.

We can all benefit from this kind of optimism. Therefore, let us start filling our world with music and songs of hope in preparation for the great celebration that awaits us. We will gather again. We will celebrate again. Let’s be resilient and learn along our path.

Peace and Love, Jim

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