Out From Under. . .

Many of us are living under and through the protective mechanisms and attitudes we developed when we were younger, vulnerable and less experienced. Its time to put those old ways down and live more openly and bravely.

Like any new skills, it may take a while to learn to live open-heartedly. Old habits, particularly protective ones, often take a while to break. We are not likely to be graceful and accomplished right away. At the beginning, we may feel awkward and clumsy. It helps to keep this in mind, so that we can each be more patient and forgiving with each other and with ourselves as we stumble towards enlightenment. It’s not about doing it right; it’s about what the Buddhists refer to as making “right effort”. As we become more skilled at emotional honesty we come to know ourselves and each other more deeply. Not just ABOUT each other, but all that is within each of us: the wounds and sensitive areas, feelings of inadequacy, our mistakes and magnificent failures, our beauty and our passion and gifts.      

The joy of authentic connection is beyond measure. And there is a price to pay for it, but it’s very small in comparison to what there into be gained by being in the process. A word of caution though: Once you get started on this path it’s impossible to stop or turn around. Returning to a life of inauthenticity or superficiality just doesn’t show up as an option. Once you get a taste of the real “good life” there’s no going back. But then, why would you want to?

Peace and Love, Jim

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