Buddha Waves. . .

Buddha was a spiritual teacher in Nepal during the 6th century B.C. whose teachings became the foundation for the Buddhist religion. One of the most influential spiritual leaders of all time, Buddha (born with the name Siddhartha Gautama), was a philosopher who spoke extensively about peace, life, love, happiness, and death. The name Buddha itself means “one who is awakened” or “the enlightened one,” which says a lot about what he taught others.

Those teachings inspired Buddhism, a practice and spiritual development that uses things like meditation to change yourself and become more aware, kind, and wise. Buddhism is seen as the path to enlightenment, which is the ultimate goal. Buddha himself was someone who embodied that. One of my favorite teachings of the Buddha can be summed up in this quote – “Better it is to live one day understanding the rise and fall of things than to live a hundred years without ever understanding the rise and fall of things.” – The Buddha

Live awakened my friends, ride the waves of rising and falling and have faith in your abilities to make the most of the tides and flow for you become one with them.

Peace and Love, Jim

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