So we have heard the stories of The Buddha and his youth and origins, but beyond that what else do we know?
Gautama Buddha was a unique figure amongst the founders of religions. First, he is definitely a historical person with records and indicators of his existence and travels.

Secondly, he claimed no divinity for himself and discouraged any idea of being worshiped. He only claimed that he had attained ‘knowledge’ which again he held could be attained by any other person provided he made the necessary effort.

Thirdly, he was the first founder of a religion who organized a brotherhood of monks and started evangelization in an organised manner by peaceful means alone carrying the message of equality, peace, mercy.

Lastly, he put reason above everything and exhorted his followers to accept nothing as true unless it stood the test of reasoning. He not only preached the brotherhood of man but also practiced it all through his life as a religious teacher accepting as his disciples all who cared to listen to him without any consideration of caste and race and thus founding a religion which eventually passed beyond the limits of India and became one of the world’s greatest religions.

You cannot travel the path until you have become the path itself. – The Buddha

Peace and Love, Jim

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