Today we have a  contribution from The Daily Buddha reader Udo, entitled BUTO

Be Useful To Others (BUTO)

Being useful to others is the core principle of my Utopian religion. Being useful to others–BUTO fills the helpers soul with abundant strength.

Compassion and acceptance towards others is then the key to one’s own inner peace.  A true spiritual cycle where reaching out is really building within. The current holiday calendar may stay the same , however the focus and traditions will change. Christmas, for example, will be a celebration of giving so that each day for 12 days people must choose to assist others. Becoming so ingrained that these “giving days” are planned out and reserved like family vacations. Easter becomes a time of new life, new beginnings where participants are encouraged to plant new seeds or save a nature reserves. Other current religious traditions will be modified to envelope these same principles There will be speakers, wise men and women who will encourage all followers to look inside themselves for righteousness, goodness, justice and of course love.

Love will be the fuel that drives all of the above principles. For with love …true love …comes compassion, hard work, ( this is the part people forget)   helpfulness, caring, acceptance and honesty. These wise men and women will take no rewards nor homage for what they preach. Their reward is the feeding of their own souls and the strengthening of mankind. The good (sometimes great) deeds of mankind will be recorded and shared in meetings held to continue discussing this new path. If there is a need to have a “god-like figure’ to pray to and to worship, The most natural and logical figure is the earth we feed from. The earth that allows mankind to live and thrive. And by extension, the Sun, which feeds the planet that feeds humans, shall also be acknowledged for its part in our existence.
Not worshiped, yet given gratitude for what it provides us.

All of this must start from within each person, each soul, each living being. Be the change you want to see.

Be well brothers and sisters, Udo

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