Life is impermanent.

Life changes regularly, and if we flow well with life, then life better for us.

If we fight life and its changes, then we’re going to suffer.

It’s really one of those absolutes in life.

Life is going to change, period. It’s just not going to stay the same. People we are going to die, we’re going to have to move, we’re going to get sick, and so on. Studies have shown that the average person will have six jobs in his or her life, and these may even be jobs that they have to get re-trained for. Six! That’s a lot of jobs! There is nearly a 50-50 chance you’re probably going to get divorced. So even your marital status is probably going to change in your life. Now mind you, some things do stay the same, but there are never any guarantees.

Except one. . . . .change is constant, change is a truth.

We learn that it isn’t the change itself that causes our unhappiness; it is our resistance to that change that causes unhappiness. Ultimately we are about as happy as we choose to be. If we want to be happy, we have to choose to be happy.

This means that when things happen that we don’t expect, either good or bad, then we have to learn to accept them, flow with them, and live our lives well. We are all capable of creating this kind of happiness in response to changes in our lives that challenge us.

So try going with the flow and accepting change, even embracing it,  the next time life hands you an unexpected change, and choose to live a happy, beautiful life.

Peace and Love, Jim

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