At the heart of Buddhism is the practice of realizing a greater understanding of yourself and the world around you.

What many of us don’t realize is that it’s this very lack of understanding ourselves and the world around us which causes us to suffer so much.And one of the ways this can manifest is in a deep anger or resentment towards others.

Buddhism teaches us to handle our anger “skillfully” (a word used often in Buddhism), which means many things, most notably leaning in to our anger mindfully simply with the power of our awareness or “presence”, which allows us to “step away” from it and view it more clearly so that we can identify its source and then release it.

This leads to understanding, and understanding leads to the cultivation of compassion, the quality of being able to “feel” what others feel and in so being compelled to send our love to them. Anger is one of two emotions which leads to aggression and war.

Anger can rarely survive under the right understanding. It will be cooled like water hitting a flame.

Peace and Love, Jim

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