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We all understand and know that we are solely responsible for our happiness but we should also not forget the value of connecting with other people. Research suggests that sharing positive events with others is a great way to further amplify and enjoy the good things in your life. This strategy works best when you share with someone you’re close to and when that someone is likely to mirror back your positive emotions. This creates an upward spiral of positivity. In fact, some research suggests involving others in your moments beyond meditation and daily tasks can not only increase the positive impact of events but can also boost your mental and physical resilience.

This is consistent with the findings about the importance of giving thanks in the workplace, too. We should aim to connect and enjoy or time with all we encounter including work colleagues.

Try it out: Do some deeper connecting with others this holiday season by taking the time to be with people who are important to you. Get hot chocolate with a valued colleague, or put aside work to spend quality time with a family member you don’t get to see often. Use the opportunity to share what’s going well in your world, reminisce over a good experience you both shared, or let them know how grateful you are to have them in your life.

Of course, all new habits take some practice, so don’t be frustrated if you forget to use these strategies or if you don’t feel positive results right away. Just keep them in your back pocket and try them again later. With time and practice, these connecting strategies will help you savor the holidays, bring joy to your world, and ring in a happier year.

Peace and Love, Jim

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