Be Still. . .

There’s a tremendous amount of movement that happens around the holiday season. If you actually pause to absorb what’s unfolding around you, it’s amazing to witness the frenetic energy buzzing about. Stillness has been my wisest teacher. When we intentionally become that still point in a turning world, we’re able to find clarity beneath the ripples of stress, anxiety, and that incessant stream of thoughts. To practice the art of stillness, continue coming back to the present moment, using our breath and body as anchors to steady the mind.

During the holiday season, make your mindfulness meditation practice a non-negotiable on your schedule, like brushing your teeth or eating breakfast. Sitting on your cushion each day will help you maintain your energetic vibration, make you less reactive, and give you that embodied sense of peace you’ll need when triggered by difficult family interactions. Allow this holiday season to be an opportunity to become a perpetual student of stillness.

Peace and Love, Jim

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