Sacred No. . .

This is a growth area for so many of us, including myself. When we begin to practice that sacred pause in our lives, we build a greater capacity to make choices that are aligned with our life’s values and intentions. In order to keep our Zen during the holidays, it’s important establish boundaries and say “no” when we need to protect our internal needs. Saying “no” to party invitations, hosting expectations, and even gift-giving is a deep practice of self-care. When we take care of our energetic and emotional needs, we’re able to fully, authentically show up when we actually say “yes.” Committing to the sacred “no” is an act of boundary setting that aligns with your soul. 

It’s liberating to exist in alignment with the needs of our inner landscape and, in the process, we invite others to do the same. What a gift to those we love! Don’t shrink. Don’t puff up. Stand your sacred ground. Self-inquiry is powerful. When deciding to attend parties, buy gifts, and host family this holiday season, I encourage you to ask yourself, Is this choice in service of my heart’s deepest intentions? before committing.

Peace and Love, Jim

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