Compassionate Creatures. . .

Compassion reflects the wisdom of being connected to other beings through the universal experience of suffering. The practice of compassion starts with kindness turned inward. When we’re judgmental and reactive to others in our external lives, it’s a projection of our inner wounds and judgment towards self. Acknowledging this truth allows us to release judgment and soften into our heartspace—where compassion flows. The holiday season is a beautiful time to sense the truth that we’re all inextricably, eternally connected. To commit to walking a path of compassion is to journey inward—dipping beneath the materialism of the season and reconnecting to the heart of humanity.

What greater gift can you give yourself, loved ones, and the world? Perhaps you sit and practice compassion meditation to start each day this season. Or, create a compassionate mantra. I’ve used “compassion flows through me now, radiating into the world.” Images are also powerful ways to cultivate compassion. Closing my eyes, I’ll envision wrapping others in an aura of loving light. Be creative and elevate your vibration this holiday season!

Inner peace starts with you. Staying connected to the divine energy of the season takes focused intention and consciousness. Practicing the art of stillness and the sacred “no” with an expansive, compassionate heart is a transformative gift you can give yourself and others this season. Taking gentle care of our inner world will elevate our levels of peace, joy, and ease in our outer world.

Peace and Love, Jim

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