We are all beginners, many times in this life. . .

In Zen Buddhism it is called shoshin, original mind, or beginner’s mind. If your mind is empty, it is always ready for anything; it is open to everything. So the “beginner’s” mind is full of many possibilities, but in the “expert’s” there are few. So careful consider this balance – To know the state of emptiness as a beginner will always allow wisdom to be able to face life by constancy.

What is constancy? Perhaps it is the ability to cheerfully accept things as they are, with a mind that is soft and open. It is also that unchanging, immutable base of fluidity. It is the readiness of the mind that is wisdom. . . . wisdom is not something to learn. Wisdom is something which will come out of your mindfulness. So the point is to be ready for observing things, and to be ready for thinking. This is called emptiness of your mind.

The spiritual journey of the heart is full of wonder, taking us into a vast inner universe. There is no room for rigidity when venturing into the unknown we simply need to quite the internal chatter and be open.

Peace and Love, Jim

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