The simplicity of Heartfulness has a great deal to complement Mindfulness.

Heartfulness reaches beyond the body to the realm of the spiritual heart with its capacity for infinite expansion encompassing the whole Universe. For me, getting out of bed every day to tune inwards to my heart profoundly shapes how I orientate myself in response to the ups and downs of daily life.

It took years to bring the heart and the mind in the unison of understanding and I am very glad that the drive to get there has softened to a willingness to let my heart lead the way in meetings rather than that driven-ness that was so strong when I first set out. As a health coach what I do most days is to connect the mind and body through the heart; it changes everything.

What I believe Mindfulness has to offer Heartfulness is the returning to the breath, this breath, in this moment. The visceral connection with the body that comes in Mindfulness is really precious in today’s world dominated by social media and external attraction where the centre of gravity seems increasingly far removed from us all. The kindness of Mindfulness is a beautiful place to begin to re-connect with the spiritual heart of Heartfulness.

Peace and Love, Jim

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