Ease. . .
When people hear the word “self-realization,” maybe it conjures up images in their minds of some Himalayan cave. I don’t want to talk about anything that is not yet in your experience because the moment we talk about it, you will lose touch with reality. So, let us not talk about knowing yourself in some mystical way or another dimension. Let us talk about knowing yourself in the most practical way that we can look at. If you want to work with anything, for example let us say you want to drive your motorcycle or car. The better you grasp what the machine is, the more control and freedom it gives you as to what you can do with it. Whether you are using your car, computer or even your cell phone, the more you know about it the better you can use it. Or even with the people around, your own family, friends or people who work with you, the better you know them the better you can deal with them. Whatever you wish to deal with, the more you know about it, the better you can handle it. Do not think of self-realization as some weird thing that some yogi does in a Himalayan cave. It is not about that. It is just that if you want to live your life with a certain ease, you have to know this piece of life. If you do not explore and know this, how will you live with ease? When there is no ease, joy is out of question. When there is no ease and joy in your life, questions will come up, “To be or not to be?” People think this is a very intelligent question. This is the most idiotic thing you can ask yourself. This life process is such a phenomenon, but you are asking, “To be or not to be?” Such silly questions have risen in the mind because people have not realized the immensity of what it means to be human. Self-realization is not a choice; it is a must.
Peace and Love, Jim
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