The Perspectives of Love. . .
Falling out of love can be hard and happens for many reasons. Or does it? Your experience of love is that you feel a certain sweetness of emotion within yourself. We do not know who stimulates this in you, but essentially it happens within you. Maybe what was happening within you was so exuberant that you saw it everywhere. When you were in love, you thought the flowers bloomed for you, the birds are singing for you, the clouds are moving for you. I do not want to destroy all the romance, but essentially it is happening within you. It is wonderful that you are experiencing such sweetness of emotion stimulated by someone. You are using the other person as a key to open up an experience within you. But why are you using a key when there is no lock, no door, no barrier of any kind? It is just that you are a push-start machine. Would you like to upgrade your technology so that you are on self-start? If you wake up in the morning, you should be overflowing with joy, love and exuberance, by yourself. You should not need anyone to stimulate you. It is easy to love when there is distance. Distance is a wonderful thing. Death is a fantastic thing. Dead people are always loved by everyone. The moment they are dead, they just suddenly become worship-worthy. Why did you not worship them when they were alive? When they were alive, you were struggling with them. The moment they die, you worship them, miss them and love them. Let’s look at this carefully. The problem is that you have a defined characteristic of your personality. You are looking for something which does not step on your persona. But not every human being respects your boundaries. They inevitably step on it. Some of them do it out of ignorance, or some of them by intent. The moment someone steps on your boundaries, you feel that person is a problem. The important thing is that you create a little distance between yourself and your own personality, then you will see that you will even enjoy yourself. And once you enjoy this person, you will see everyone is wonderful. You can enjoy everyone because now you see people for who they are, not having some framework into which they must fit into.
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