Prana. . .
“Prana” means “the vital energy”, “yama” means to gain control over that. So, it is a subtle process through which one can gain control over his inner energies. These processes are taught in their depth because transforming inner energies are very important to stabilize the body and the mind.  Whatever you do in life, how your body, your mind, and your whole system function is ultimately determined by your prana. Prana is an intelligent energy. Since prana has the karmic memory of the individual imprinted on it, it functions in each person in a unique manner. . Suppose your hand does its own thing and pokes you in the eye, scratches, and beats you – that is a sickness. This is what most people’s mind is doing. Every day, it pokes them from inside, makes them cry, bawl, or worry – in so many ways, it creates suffering for them. That means it is sick, even if in a socially accepted manner. Every kind of suffering that human beings are going through day in and day out is created in the mind. If you close your eyes, the only things that should exist for you are your breath, your heartbeat, processes in your body, and the workings of your prana. Only what is happening inside is life. What is happening on the outside is just imagery. Presence and meditation have the potential to let you touch the dimension that is the basis of all that is. But you cannot actively make it happen. You can only set the ambience. You can only come in touch with the source of creation – there is nothing for you to do with it. The important thing about our prank is that it is a tool to touch the source of creation, which is beyond thought. This could happen on the first day, or you could be doing it for six months and nothing happens. But if you keep it up, the day will come when you touch this dimension. If you touch it, suddenly everything is transformed.
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