Together. . .

It is amazing the type of environment we can create we come together for even the smallest of moments or efforts. Everyone jumps in doing what they do best without a care and in the end the moments created are priceless. The same can be said for our world in general, after all without us it is simply a planet and not “our” world at all.

When we belleve that the world makes us, that it determines what we can and cannot do, then we in turn see ourselves as small and weak. When we understand that WE make the world (one thought and gesture at a time) then we come to understand we are strong and significant, that WE have a responsibility to each other to make this the best world we can.

Life is a series of moments, doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.

Have a wonderful day and share your moments with others, it is the world we share and create after all!

Peace and Love, Jim

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