Pass. . .

This too shall pass

Buddhists have a word in Pali: anicca — which underlies the entire buddhist philosophy. Essentially, it means “impermanence”. Nothing remains as it is forever. On top of that, most things fade away or change radically within a short period of time. This is especially true of feelings and circumstances.

However you are feeling right now, it will pass. It rarely seems like it, but it will. Some sadness may remain, but it will not be as sharp. Loneliness may loom, but each passing moment doesn’t have the same intensity as before. You may be elated at having gotten that raise, bought that house, etc. — but that will also pass.

People get tired, systems lose energy, heart rates slow back down. It is the nature of things. Remember that and take some comfort in it. We should not be mourning the passing of time, energy and effort but embracing it – its life’s one constant.

Peace and Love, Jim

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