Life is a journey from one goal post to another. As long as there is life, there is a goal in front of you. Goals are vital because it gives direction to life and something to look forward to in the future. However, we live our life while walking on the path of our journey not after the realization of our goal. So it is more important to enjoy ourselves on the journey than it is to get to our desired destination.

Hence, do not make your happiness conditional and delay it until the realization of some goal. The purpose of a goal at present is only to give you direction. Once you know the direction, you should enjoy yourself and value the path that your life is taking at this moment. Be in the present moment, leaving behind the regrets of past and worry of future to experience the beauty around you and the opportunity your life has to offer on this journey. Be grateful for whatever you possess and people who bring energy, joy and enthusiasm in your life to make your journey easier and interesting. Always keep in mind, if you do not enjoy yourself on the journey, you will lead a frustrated life and people around you will start creating distance.

So take your steps and enjoy yourself on this journey and you may just find your life complete.

Peace and Love, Jim

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