Grasping At Differences. . .
I have often spoke of our fight or flight syndrome. I have also touched upon perceptions of others, ourselves and the battles we resulting embark upon on many such mindsets. . . What would happen if we allow ourselves to break down that barrier that we have put up between ourselves and whatever we are fighting against? Even just for a moment. Just enough to see that we are not at war with ourselves or each other, even for just a moment. What happens if we can allow ourselves to just surrender to this moment, to this imperfectly perfect moment? To just open ourselves to whatever comes. To hold whatever arises without judgement, reaction or claiming it as an extension of our self. To practice surrender is to practice letting go and acceptance. Surrender is not necessarily by the weak and defeated heart that does so, but the courageous and loving heart that enables it. Surrender opens us up to other possibilities that we may not have seen due to the dichotomy that we had created between ourselves and the other thing or person that we have labelled as the ‘enemy’. Surrender allows us to find peace again, and to find relief from holding on for so long to this fight. Then, if after this practice you wish to return to the battlefields, at least you do so consciously, courageously, with understanding for – and even with – the other. Perhaps one day you may also see beyond the battlefield to a place where there is no longer you and the other, no longer any battles to be fought and won, and surrender to the peace that this brings. May you be victorious in your practice of surrendering. May you transform your relationship with the enemies that have been forged in your life and in your mind, so as to find peace with them beyond the wars waged by eyes note seeing and minds not grasping. Peace and Love, Jim
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