Growth In The Garden. . .
You by now have heard of the term and/or concept of awakening. But what exactly does awakening mean? Of course, that’s really a subjective answer I personally think of it as a two fold answer –  it is a spiritual process, but also a psychological one.
All of life is constantly evolving and growing. Scientists know that millions of species have come into existence and adapted, changed, and transformed over millions of years. Everything on the planet and in the Universe is in a continual state of transformation. We also know that, in the case of plants, if they aren’t growing, they’re dying. It’s similar for us. If our bodies aren’t growing cells, we’re not going to be around long. And if we aren’t growing as mental, emotional, and spiritual beings, we lose our vitality and aliveness. We become stuck and stale. Roses grow new leaves, branches, and buds – even after a period of rest in the winter. When a plant isn’t growing branches or leaves above ground, it is growing roots deep beneath the ground. There are so many ways this reflects the path of personal and spiritual growth. First, that every moment is like that new dawn. If we awaken to the truth of this moment, to the possibilities right here in front of us, and allow ourselves to see with new eyes again and again, our lives will continue to expand. Every moment, every breath, is an opportunity to awaken again. Here is my invitation to you – to embrace a path of awakening in your life. That each day and moment, you can awaken to something new. You can awaken to ever greater levels of clarity, truth, peace, and happiness. It is an infinite process – there are always more possibilities for you. There is no end to what you can experience and create in your life; and who you can be.
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