To be humble in this competitive world is really tough when people are considered “amazing” because of their ability to work with situations better and take advantage of moments to get ahead in life. Although success can be important to live a decent life, it does not guarantee true success or happiness in the long run.

It is our humility that enables us to develop close relationship with others and reach to the height of success in every sphere of life. By being humble we command the respect of others and are able to create new opportunities to make our life more meaningful. Being humble does not mean having low self-esteem or feeling lost in cycles of living. It is about being modes; not being arrogant, not being greedy and not running a race against others. Humble people do not take anything guaranteed in life and have a caring attitude towards others. If you are humble, people feel comfortable in your company and that in turn opens up the door of many opportunities to learn and grow in life.

So if you want to live a happy and successful life, you should make sure to be humble.

Peace and Love, Jim

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