Humility. . .

This week I have written on many topics of self, of understanding and of growth and wisdom. They are all meaningless and of no benefit if we cannot understand the difficult but most powerful human experience – humility

Humility is the constant and disciplined effort to see the truth about ourselves; to empty ourselves of everything and allow life and light to fill that space. It is very, very difficult to see through the veil of our egoic ways and internal clutter, but it is possible.

How do we ever begin to clear it away, so we can allow Love, to be all in us? The first step is to desire less and accept more. We practice becoming aware of our behaviors. After every difficult exchange with another person, we go over it again in our mind. Was there any defensiveness, self-pity or denial? Was there any competing, complaining, condemning, comparing, or controlling? If so, we have more work to do. We name the behavior; we claim the behavior; then we begin to tame it, so that this gift of a moment can pour through and fill up the beautiful vacancies we have endeavored to clear.

In practicing this, we are never to be hard on ourselves or talk ourselves out of our own goodness. We do this sacred work with gentle self-compassion, embracing all that we are and all that we have been, knowing that nothing is wasted and that our acts of compassion, understanding and kindness will strengthen and sustain us in this work of humility.

This contemplative life of humility flows from a pure heart that has persevered through much suffering and found its way to the Source. When we finally come to see that our understanding and kindness are far more encompassing and passionate than simple impermanent desires for things or moments, we can offer others a glimpse of light in the midst of their confusion, darkness, and pain. It is the love, hope, and encouragement that we need to find. In our humility and with time, a tremendous paradox will be revealed to us—that what we now perceive as suffering and death is in reality a hidden time of awakening.

Peace and Love, Jim

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