Hello all!

Today I start posting a weekend Daily Buddha which will always feature my latest video post or “vlog” has the term has come to be. This is simply an expansion of what I have always done – to openly discuss and share topics relevant not only to buddhists but to all of us and life as a whole!

I want to talk about the topic of difficulty, or struggle of those times and points in life when we feel overwhelmed, under-appreciated or just unsure of what and why life feels so hard. We can stop take a breath and lean into these moments bot to shift our energy and our perception and spin the moment to something we can learn from, take in stride and grow. I am including the direct link below, but you can also view directly on my site in the videos section at this link: https://www.thedailybuddha.com/video-gallery/ and you can subscribe and view videos directly from my YouTube channel at this link: https://youtu.be/WFbNvQvr-9k

As always thanks for your follows, likes, comments and input. through these communications I can improve The Daily Buddha and the concepts that strike the most interest in our group.

Peace and Love, Jim

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