I think I was probably about 17 or 18, when my troubled moments of youth came to what I had concluded was THE one problem in my world and all other issues stemmed out of this it. understood it then, the problem was interdependence.

“Interdependence is life… We do not live alone. We have never lived alone. We live in a world of extraordinary interdependence.” — Peter Senge

No one (in my humble viewpoint) intentionally wakes up to destroy the common grounds we all share and stand upon –  But without awareness, we as a collective will consistently create unintended consequences no one wants or is at peace with.

If you asked anyone do you want to destroy the food chains, the fresh air or the quality of living for all, most are going to say no, or I don’t give it much thought. Few would ever say I wasn’t to destroy, break and cripple this world and everyone in it. No one thinks thats way. Without our awareness it is quite easy to get caught up in systems, in sides, debates and every other imaginary line of separation.

What we need is to remember what love feels like, to honor dignity, respect, understanding, grace, kindness and more.


If it is beautiful honor it with everything you have. Live it. Be it. Do NOT fear it. How do we fall in love once again  with the world? Not just with another, not just with those close to us but with our life and the world?

We honor it. . .
Then. . .
We do it. . .
Then. . .
We become it.

Peace and Love, Jim

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